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Messenger Bags - Made out of Kites

In the department of bags, it all started with our "Big Brother" series of messenger bags back in 2007. Soon, “Big Brother” was joined by “Little Sister”. Made of recycled kite fabric, they are sturdy and durable - and oll of them are unique pieces!

“I don’t know where’s up – I don’t know where’s down.”

Those were the words of German astronaut Reinhard Furrer when describing the feeling of zero gravity while travelling to space in 1985. Twenty years later we founded our label Schwerelosigkite. 

You can learn more about us here.

Kite Upcycling

There is no denying that we love kites most when they are up in the air! But even kites are not immortal and when their time comes, our scrapping bonus comes into play! Once beloved kites (and wetsuits) turn into something sturdy and creative: backpacks, messenger bags, travel bags, waist bags, washbags, belts and wallets. All of our products are just like you: unique!

The Kite Patch - Our Trademark

Schwerelosigkite means cool and individual designs, but also high-quality and upcycled products as well as sustainability. Since 2005 we create shirts, shorts, hoodies and bags with the kite patch that is our trademark - and which makes every piece unique.

Hip Bags - Made out of Kites

Whether you want to carry them the traditional way (around the hip) or casually over the shoulder – our hip bags are ideal companions to keep your essentials close to you. Every bag is made of recycled kites and just like you: one of a kind.

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"Hochwertig, nachhaltig und individuell - der aufgenähte Kiteflicken ist unser Brand!"
Hochwertig, nachhaltig und individuell - der aufgenähte Kiteflicken ist unser Brand!

Kuschelige warme Hoodies, Jacken, Shirts, Jogger & vieles mehr. Die Produktion in Portugal und in der Türkei sorgt für eine hohe Sozialverträglichkeit, europäische Standards, plastikfreie Verpackung und kurze Transportwege für Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltverträglichkeit.
Satisfaction is important to us