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Scrapping Bonus for Neoprene Wetsuits

Since 2005 we have been recycling old kites and giving them a second life as a unique belt, individual bag, or kite patch on our garments. Now we take the next step: recycling neoprene wetsuits!

Our scrapping bonus for old kites has been on everyone's lips for a long time. Now, we want to scrap your old wetsuits! Why? They are perfect to pad the straps of our new backpacks! Scan your cellars and buses for wetsuits that are no longer of use to you and give them the chance to become something new.


Unfortunately, we cannot scrap every wetsuit. Please understand that, for hygienic reasons, we can only accept those without mould spots.

How to participate:

1. Send a photo of the wetsuit to info@schwerelosigkite.de.

2. We will run a short quality check and get back to you.

3. If we give you the green light, you send your wetsuit to us.

4. After a final quality check and a positive assessment, we deposit the shopping credit.

5. You can use your shopping credit on your desired shirt.

Please note: The promotion is aimed exclusively at private customers. There is a maximum of 2 wetsuits per customer. The promotion is valid until revoked.


If you want to know more about our way of contributing to a more sustainable world, just have a look at our page Sustainability and Ethical Responsibility. There you will learn more about our production, the way we handle recycling kites and wetsuits, about shipping and avoiding plastic waste.


Due to the overwhelming sympathy and sending of hundreds of neos, we had to temporarily pause the action! But do not be sad, we will certainly repeat the Neo scrapping premium. For one thing is certain: we will always go through new innovative ways to breathe new life into old or broken things. In addition to padding the straps, we also plan other areas of use. But we are now happy that from now on the old sea companions will accompany you on your shoulders.

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