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Scrapping Bonus for old Kites

Kite broken - now what? -> Send it to SCHWERELOSIGKITE and earn a scrapping bonus! In January 2014, Schwerelosigkite reintroduced the scrapping bonus and we (unlike the automotive industry at the beginning of the millennium) really want to make a small, but nonetheless important contribution to recycling and sustainability in Germany.

A nice side effect: our company's material stock of raw material is refilled.

What does it mean for hard-working kite collectors and recyclers?

Each fully recyclable kite* is rewarded with a shopping voucher (50 EUR) for the SCHWERELOSIGKITE online shop.

Since 2005, Schwerelosigkite has been making individual bags, backpacks, and accessories from used kites. At our small production facility in the Czech Republic, they get a second life. Likewise, every garment features the characteristic kite patch ever since, making it unique!

This is how the scrapping bonus works*:

1. Send the following information about the kite to info@schwerelosigkite.de:

a) your name, address, email address

b) manufacturer, size, colour, and age of the kite

c) condition of the kite (school grades: A-D)

d) 2 - 3 images of the kite in extended form

e) detailed photographs of spotty, porous spots, repairs, or cracks

2. After having received a positive feedback from us, you can ship the kite via DPD (for free).

3. We will have a final look at the kite and get back to you.

4. Deposit of the shopping credit in the customer account**

Unfortunately, it is logistically not possible to have accessories made from your own kite. Since we want to keep our stock of accessories as homogeneous as possible, we cannot comply with such requests.

  Take care of your kites!


The scrapping bonus only applies to recyclable kite canopies over a size of 7 square metres without mould spots and major defects. Please understand that we cannot accept kites that cannot be processed further and need to be disposed of. After all, our customers rightfully expect neat and clean kite fabric in our collections.

**Customer account:

If you do not have a customer account for our online shop yet, we are happy to create one for you and send you your personal access data. It is only possible to receive the amount as a shopping credit. The shopping credit is valid for 1 year.

Satisfaction is important to us