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Cookie Policy

In order to make your visit on our website https://www.schwerelosigkite.de comfortable, to enable the use of certain functions, to display suitable products or for market research, we, schwerelosigkite GmbH, Mainzer Straße 147-149, D-66121 Saarbrücken, info@schwerelosigkite.de, use so-called cookies.

The use of cookies serves to safeguard our legitimate interest in an optimal presentation of our products in accordance with Art. 6 sec. 1 p. 1 lit. f GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Cookies are small text files that are automatically stored on your device. They cannot run programs or transfer viruses to your computer. As mentioned above, they only serve us to tailor our website to you.

The cookies used can be distinguished according to the duration of their usage as follows:

Transient cookies (session cookies) store a so-called session ID, which can be used to assign various requests from your browser to the common session. Thus, a computer can be recognised, e.g. when you return to our website and your shopping cart after several pages. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser.

Persistent cookies allow us to recognise your browser the next time you visit. This type of cookie is automatically deleted after a predetermined duration, which may vary depending on the cookie. However, you can also delete these cookies at any time in your browser's security settings.

Third party cookies can be both of the types of cookies mentioned above. We do not have any influence on the scope of the use of this type of cookies. However, you can adjust your browser’s security settings in a way that you are informed about the setting of cookies and decide individually about their acceptance, including third-party cookies or all other cookies.

Flash cookies are not collected by your browser, but by a flash plug-in installed on your device. These types of cookies store data browser independently and do not have an automatic expiration date.

According to their function, the cookies we use can be distinguished as follows:

As the name suggests, essential cookies are essential for you to navigate the website and use its functions and services (> transient cookies; > persistant cookies).

Functional cookies monitor the proper operation of the website. They include login and registration cookies and cookies concerning the choice of language. With their help it is possible to offer personal features tailored to you on the page, which makes the use much more user-friendly (> transient cookies).

Performance-related cookies are set by us or third parties on the website for statistical, social or commercial purposes, or to create general visitor profiles. They collect information that is aggregated and anonymised. Their only purpose is to make our website more attractive (> transient cookies; > persistent cookies).

Each browser has its own way of managing cookie settings. The help menu of your browser explains how to change your cookie settings. The following links show you how to configure your browser's cookie settings:

Internet Explorer™: http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/delete-and-manage-cookies-168dab11-0753-043d-7c16-ede5947fc64d

Safari™: http://support.apple.com/de-de/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac 

Chrome™: http://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en&hlrm=en

Firefox™: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/clear-cookies-and-site-data-firefox

Opera™ : https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies

If you advise your browser to block all cookies (including essential cookies), you will either not be able to access our website at all or only partially.

Together with our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, which contains further information about cookies, this cookie policy describes the basis of how we process personal data.

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