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About Schwerelosigkite

“I don’t know where’s up – I don’t know where’s down.”

Those were the words of German astronaut Reinhard Furrer when describing the feeling of zero gravity while travelling to space in 1985. Twenty years later we founded our label and named it Schwerelosigkite, a combination of the feeling of weightlessness (in German: Schwerelosigkeit) and one of our favourite sports, kite surfing. To us, Schwerelosigkite is more than a word – it is an attitude, a philosophy. Whether we kite, skate, bike, or board, we enjoy feeling free and independent in the different elements. Decide for yourself when you experience those moments of thrill which turn your stomach and leave a smile on your face – this is Schwerelosigkite.

Our centre pieces

Schwerelosigkite does not only represent cool and individual styles, but also high-quality upcycling and sustainability. Since 2005 the label with the kite patch produces shirts, shorts, hoodies, and bags. What started as a hobby has developed into a mission.

Schwerelosigkite has two premium product lines: accessories like backpacks, messenger bags, belts, etc., made from upcycled kite fabric and disused wetsuits, and clothes for women, men and children like hoodies, shorts, shirts, etc. Every piece of accessory is like you: unique. And the clothes are individualised by the kite patch on the back.

How it all started...  

In 2005, Schwerelosigkite was founded by two friends out of their deep connection with nature and sports. Ever since, reused kite fabrics have been our trademark. Back then, the idea of upcycling old or broken-down kites to create sustainable clothing and accessories for friends and family was new and unique.

In 2007 Schwerelosigkite was awarded with the ISPO Brandnew Award for innovation and style and to this day, we still are the right label for those who are in search of products off the mainstream track. The sewn-on kite patch gives each piece a a special touch right away, while the eye-catching and hidden gimmicks are sometimes only seen after a second or third glance. Due to ist diversity and creativity, we do not see Schwerelosigkite as a brand exclusively meant for water sports enthusiasts, but rather as a brand for individualists and outdoor fans. After having had our own children, we decided to expand our product line by a small, colourful kids collection. Since then Schwerelosigkite has grown up (a bit) and become a brand for the whole family.

To this day, our garments and accessories are produced in small series. We do not manufacture for wholesalers, but exclusively for us and our friends. (And, maybe, from now on also for you? It would be a pleasure!) This way, we want to avoid overproduction as well as excessive textile waste. Our products are of such high quality that they will accompany and inspire you for many, many years.

If you want to know more about us, visit (and follow) us on facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter – this way, you will not miss anything that happens in the vast world of Schwerelosigkite.

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If you should miss something in our collection or should be unhappy with one of our products, please let us know. We want to integrate your wishes, suggestions, and ideas in our collection as well as to become better every day. That is why we appreciate feedback of any kind!

Satisfaction is important to us