About us

“Schwerelosigkite [which incorporates the German word Schwerelosigkeit meaning weightlessness and the English word kite] is for us not just a definition of the word, but a way of life and philosophy at the same time. As often as possible we ourselves enjoy the freedom and independence in the different elements, whether being at kiting, skating, biking or snowboarding...no matter at which sport.
You decide yourself, during which moments you experience the special kick which will turn your stomach [at first] but then put a smile on your face afterwards. This feeling [we call] Schwerelosigkite!”

Schwerelosigkite is a young, innovative surf- and street label. The idea to recycle used, served out kites and to transform them into clothing and accessories was unique in the year 2005 when the company was founded.

And to this day unique are also our products: no matter if it is a bag, belt or shirt – each piece is like you – a one of a kind specimen!
This becomes possible through our brand: a sewn on patch made out of a recycled kites!

At the ISPO show in 2007, Schwerelosigkite was awarded in the category Brand New Award for Innovation and Style and is still today the right label for you, if you are searching for something special, away from the mainstream. The sewn on kite patch made of recycled kites gives each clothes piece the special touch, the striking and partly hidden gimmicks often are not visible till the second or third glance.

[Our] accessories like bags, belts etc. are unique originals and in majority designed out of recycled kites – this is possible through our cooperation with the big kite manufacturers like North, Best and Flysurfer. Those are delighted to be able to take with our help a leading role in the environment protection.

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